Do You Dangle On The Road?

Do You Dangle?

Is there something hanging from the inside mirror in your car?
Fuzzy Dice

The results of my informal, [barely] scientific testing reveal that more than 90% of Americans have something dangling from the mirror in their automobile. This [far from] exhaustive research has been accumulated during my daily commute of 70 miles each way. In that 4 hours-a-day on the road I see many vehicles. On average, no less than 4 out of 5 of them are Danglers.
Let me know if you are among the majority. Comment on this post (below). And be specific about what is dangling in your vehicle; is it for good luck, a memento of some special event, or perhaps simply keeps the car smelling “Pine Forest Fresh”.

This appears to be only a U.S. anomaly. If you represent any other country, please weigh-in on the discussion.