May The Fours Be With You

When I relocated to Central Florida, one of the first things I found myself struggling with was the new highways. In any town, as a newcomer you need to learn the major streets; their local names and the ‘official’ names. But here it was particularly difficult because there are so many similarities.

What is so special about the number 4?

What is so special about the number 4?

I think those who decide on the highway numbering wanted to perpetrate a vicious prank on the residents of Orange County.

Just in my local area there exists:

  • Route 424
  • Route 436
  • Route 426
  • Route 417
  • Route 408

And running across all this is the Interstate, I-4 !

It would take a lot of convincing for me to believe this was not a massive government plot to add an excessive amount of complexity to our life here in The Sunshine State.

Update: The FULL SCOPE of the conspiracy was brought to light when, recently, I realized even the primary telephone area code in Central Florida begins with a four!